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        The Ventana Research Digital Summit is a unique, on-demand experience designed to generate motivational ideas and insights on the future of the technology industry. Now more than ever, it is essential to use technology effectively to optimize business resilience and workforce readiness, but it requires knowledge of market trends and what is possible in applying best practices.
        The Ventana Research Digital Summit will introduce market trends for 2024 and how they will shape the industry to 2025 and beyond. Listen to Ventana Research’s thought and subject matter experts for inspiration on the possibilities of technology use across business and the following expertise focus areas: customer, revenue, product, operations, supply chain, finance and HCM. Digital technology topics will span across AI & ML, analytics, cloud computing data, digital communications, digital security, experience management, robotic automation and work management are also part of the riveting presentations that are on the on-demand agenda for the Ventana Research Digital Summit.

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        Mark Smith

        Partner, Head of Software Research

        Robert D. Kugel, CFA

        Executive Director, Business Research

        David Menninger

        Executive Director, Technology Research

        Keith Dawson

        Director of Research, Customer Experience

        Matt Aslett

        Director of Research, Analytics and Data

        Stephen Hurrell

        Director of Research, Office of Revenue

        Jeff Orr

        Director of Research, Digital Technology

        Ventana Research Digital Summit Sessions


        Keynote Sessions

        The Digital Summit keynote sessions provide thought leadership and provoking insights on a variety of key topics across the technology industry ranging from generative AI, ESG and sustainability, digital business and IT resilience.


        Innovation & Technology Sessions

        The Digital Summit digital innovation and technology sessions provide insights on key technology topics ranging from augmented analytics, data and AI, customer experiences and workforce experiences with HCM.


        Business & Leadership Sessions

        The Digital Summit digital business and leadership sessions provide perspectives across key topics from business applications, business planning, cloud computingdigital security, revenue applications and the future of technology industry.

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